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          Foshan Gaoge Ceramics Co., Ltd is located in the beautiful and rich pearl river delta hinterland,
          belongs to a part of southern ceramic capital. As a large-scale modernenterprise, Gaoge Group insists to introduce the most advanced ceramic production machinery, professional polishing line, the new modern of kilns and latest computer
          numerical control equipment and operates with scientific management. Gaoge group is well known by various high quality porcelain tiles in both domestic and international ceramic
          market. With innovative idea, innovated products and outstanding high quality, Gaoge group keeps to satisfy trust of loyalty customers.

          • LUXURY

            ARENISCA Product model:IMD126708

          • LUXURY

            CALACATTA Product model:IMD12659

          • LUXURY

            MILE STONE Product model:IMB126704

          • LUXURY

            SUNDECK Product model:IM12665

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